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Overwhelmed by all the auto insurance choices in Alberta? Don't be! We make shopping for auto insurance easy. We will help you find the auto insurance you need at a price you can afford!

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Surex Direct is an online insurance broker that specializes in finding their customers the best insurance rates possible. We are NOT a lead generator, meaning we are not a third party that sells your personal information to insurance companies. We are an actual insurance broker. We work for you. We want the best for you. Which is why we promise to be there for you 24/7! Literally. So start working with us today, by getting a free Alberta auto insurance quote! With a Surex Direct auto insurance quote, you will get auto insurance rate comparisons, money-saving tips, discounts and much more. We want to make your auto insurance rate lower than ever before. So, get the affordable car insurance rate you are looking for and start an online quote today!

What Coverage Do I Need?

Planning your Alberta auto insurance budget involves knowing what you need and what you want, then choosing your coverage based on how much you can afford. If affordable car insurance is your goal, we have the solution. All coverage at Surex Direct has been preselected to give you the best value for your dollar!

Not sure which coverage plan you need to begin with? No problem, we've got you covered there too! Check out our car insurance coverage page. All of your questions can be answered there.

What Deductible Should I Choose?

You are required to have a deductible when carrying certain automobile coverage, such as comprehensive and collision. However, deductibles are customizable. Request a quote, and then use our coverage tool bar on the right hand side of your quotes to change the deductible. We will requote your policy with each deductible amount, so you can be 100% sure you are getting what you want.

Not sure what deductibles are in the first place? No problem, check out our Alberta car insurance coverage page to find out more!

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