Improving the Insurance Industry’s Image

The Current Image

What thoughts does the word “insurance” trigger? Of course it’s different for everyone, but for many people, insurance puts a sour taste in their mouth. The fact is; public opinion of insurance really isn’t that great. Here are three explanations for all the negativity:

Why Am I Paying For This, Again? We feel more comfortable spending our hard-earned cash when we can reap the benefits of that spending instantly. We don’t mind spending $500 on an iPad because it’s in our hands as soon as the cash leaves them. Spending money on insurance is more difficult because we don’t immediately see results, and when we do reap the benefits of paying insurance, it’s usually not for a good reason because insurance is inherently linked to loss.

Wait…What? Insurance policies are laced with confusing insurance lingo and filled with clauses, exclusions, and fine print. To top that off, each of your policies function differently. Simply stated, insurance is difficult to understand for the average consumer so we just don’t want to deal with it.

Aren’t You Supposed To Be On My Side? If you’ve had a bad experience filing a claim, felt like your insurer just wanted your money, or if you know someone who’s had a bad experience, then you probably don’t have much faith in the insurance industry. Unfortunately, one bad apple can spoil the bunch—one bad experience can lead us to mistrust the entire industry.

What Surex Direct Is Doing About It

At Surex Direct, we are taking steps to change this image. We empower our clients to be actively involved in their insurance policies and to increase their understanding of them. Being an online insurance broker allows us to be more open with our customers and better meet their needs. We don’t give excuses when premiums increase; instead we give our clients tools to take charge, like “Pulse.” Our discounts are system-generated so our clients know we aren’t hiding anything from them. We also run a non-profit affiliate program, giving back a portion of our profits to the help communities we serve. Our brokers are young, ambitious, and want to earn our customers’ business year after year by showing them that they matter.

We want to be more than an insurance broker. We want our customers to see us as a friend they can count on. Give us a chance to improve your opinion of the insurance industry. Start an insurance quote with us and together we’ll start creating a positive experience!